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Give the people what they want

My life this past week has consisted largely of sketching body con dresses because that is apparently what is going to sell... 

Those of you that know me see the tremendous irony in me having to focus on this particular project as I am not a very body con kind of gal.  It's been a good exercise - like in high school art classes where they make you copy a drawing that is only slowly revealed to you upside down in order to work the right side of your brain.  I don't know that I am reinventing the wheel when it comes to body con, nor that I ever will, but I am immersing myself in the experience.

Working with a mass market company has many challenges - limitations on fabrics that can be used, limitations on how creative you can be while still keeping your designs commercial.  But the most difficult aspect by far seems to be getting into the head of the buyers from our major retailer.

How can I give the people what they want when the people don't really seem to know what they want?

Just a question to throw into the void as I embark on my second week.

In the meantime, I'd like to share some videos from an old Geoffrey Beene runway show that are pure unadulterated fun.  (Thank you again, Garmento.)