One day at a time in the life of Eileen Pappas: knitwear designer, Trekkie, and closeted rock star.


This morning, I was all nerves walking to my class.  I had just been informed the night before that my class was now cut down to just 30 minutes, and I had no idea how my talk with my kids had gone over this past week.

In spite of my decreased class time, my students were absolutely incredible today.  I could never get around to everyone when I had one hour at my disposal, let alone half that amount, but the students I wasn't able to get to occupied themselves with quiet conversation, civilized cell phone game play, and (I hope) some homework.  Those that had lost their needles in the first week apologized for it.  The boys were phenomenal; Gregory, who knew how to knit, sat quietly, cast on his stitches and knit a few rows, and by the end of class I had taught him how to purl.  I was able to teach two more students how to do a slipknot and cast on.  The others sat patiently, one worried because he would be out of town next week, another asking if we could get hat looms (they are hopefully in the mail on their way to me as I type).

To say I was proud would be an understatement.  I was met with such dedication, grace, and yes, even love today that I was completely blown away.  My students' hearts were bigger than they were.

I left alive and grateful.


In other news, I am halfway done with sweater #2 of my 10 sweaters.  Photos to come.

Knitting Again

This post will be short and sweet because the past seven days have been pretty killer...

I am currently playing a new game - the game that it's more important for women to be wearing my clothes than for me to be making money off them.  So with this in mind, I have decided to make ten versions of my twist sweater from senior thesis to be given to women in my life that would wear them.  I plan to complete this project within the next two months.

The first sweater (long overdue) has been completed.


on the hanger


up close and personal

on the form