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One thing off my bucket list...

Anyone that has ever worked on the production/design side of fashion is sure to tell you that most of the time, it is not glamorous work.  The notable exception, of course, is the runway show.  This afternoon I was fortunate to be able to attend the Derek Lam Spring 2014 show, part of New York Fashion Week.   The show took place in a gallery space on the west side of Manhattan, and it was an event that had a lot of famous faces sitting close together in one room.

Case in point:

I feel like me taking photos or video of the show is pointless - there are about a million sources that could give you better and more detailed shots (and frankly even I got a better look at the show on .  But a photo of Anna Wintour, the woman, the myth, the legend on my phone?  Yes, please.  Let's call it good luck.