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Let's talk about drape, baby (Part I)

Earlier today I came across some designs by Romeo Gigli that looked like the love child of two of my favorite designers, Maria Cornejo and Isabel Toledo.


Those of you that experienced senior year at Parsons with me were privy to how I fell in love with draping, to the point where my entire senior thesis developed solely from drapes.  It's exciting to see what was only seconds before a polygonal shaped piece of fabric clothe a human body and become something completely different.  It is in the same category of miracles to me as knitting (the transformation of a string) and baking (the transformation of liquids/powders), and while some draping tricks are predictable at this point, it is still a new experience to see how identical drapes behave on different body types.

It is no secret that tailoring is "not my thing," whether it comes to my own design process or even the clothes I choose to wear...  Which is not to say that I don't have massive respect for it, but I become infinitely more excited when I see tailoring balancing a fine line with drape, such as the tailored jackets that Yohji Yamamoto puts on the runway each season. 



I have been overstretching myself with commitments as of late, and have been neglecting to leave some time in my schedule devoted to exploratory draping.  It is time to remedy that.