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Parsons/Central Saint Martins Dual City Fashion Design Course

And so the blog begins!

For a while now I've wanted a space to share my creative world and adventures in fashion design (and beyond).  It's finally time to make that wish come true. 

This summer was largely uneventful.  Post-graduate life, though filled with interviews and lots of promise, was also filled with lots of uncertainty.

One highlight happened on June 24, 2013, when I was invited to come in as a guest lecturer in a fashion design class taught by Geoffry Gertz.  Geoffry, a professor of mine at Parsons and fashion illustrator extraordinaire (check out his websites here), asked me to come in and tell the tale of my design education and how it was shaping the start of my career. The class was a part of the Parsons/Central Saint Martins Dual City program targeted for adults with an interest in fashion.   I think a story is always told best with visual aids, so naturally I brought in samples from my portfolio as well as some key garments from my senior thesis collection.

So on the afternoon of the 24th, after making a quick dash into DSW and buying a completely unnecessary pair of shoes to make up for that morning's unfortunate footwear choice, I arrived at the 7th floor of 2 W 13th Street where I met Geoffry and his group of 9 students.

I've always found that sharing work is one of the most inspiring things that can happen in school, and it's something I wish there were more opportunities to do in "the real world."  Any setting that can expose students to possibilities, raise questions, and inspire them to try something they might never have thought to do, and yes, even show the breakthroughs that come from perceived "failures"...  This is an invaluable tool in any kind of education, and especially in the realm of design.

I will never tire or refuse to be a part of events like this; it's an honor and a privilege.


All images below courtesy of Geoffry Gertz.

Flipping through one of my croquis books

Walking through my single seam pant

Students looking at my thesis linesheet

I gesture a lot when I talk.

Snapshot of "A Woman Apart" collection process work

 "Women in States of Undress" thesis collection process work

Snapshot from my draping journal